» The Flu Blues : How to Make A Luxurious Recovery

The Flu Blues : How to Make A Luxurious Recovery

The Flu Blues : How to Make A Luxurious Recovery
Palmer Design Group has been out of commission all week with the Flu.
Here are some luxurious musts for a spa-like recovery

1. Fabulous Tea Forte Tea 
2. The Desire Map for regrouping while you’re down
3. Essential Oils for Your Nebulizers and Diffusers 
4. Nebulizers! We know this phrase is overkill -but they really do GIVE YOU LIFE!
5. For a full recovery, you’ll definitely need a Cashmere Robe- just make sure its fabulous! 
7. Cashmere Socks to keep yourself toasted- cold feet are Thee Worst
8. Hot baths are pretty much implied when ill, Laura Mercier’s Honey Bath is amazing
9. Lollia Breathe Tranquil Bubble Bath will also help restore you back to sexy
10.  Marie Todd’s Heal Candle works wonders- our office is stocked with these! 
11. Plush White Towels always deliver a spa-like essence- love these
12.  How fabulous is this 90H20, sommelier-crafted water?! 

…and remember, “It is impossible to overdue luxury,” even when you have the flu!

Thanks for reading my friends, and please share your comments and questions below!
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