» “I Was Born to be an Interior Designer”

“I Was Born to be an Interior Designer”

“I Was Born to be an Interior Designer”
When I was added to the African American Top 20 interior designers list, I had just completed the Atlanta Symphony Decorators Show house. It was 2011 and I was the first black designer to ever be selected to participate in this prestigious show house.  I was extremely excited and proud because I understood the honor that had been bestowed upon me.  I wanted my space to represent everything about me, which is why I used so many vibrant colors in the space.  It’s also the reason I include lots of texture in my spaces.  I was very pleased with the outcome of the room and optimistic for what I hoped being a part of the show house would mean for my career.

I received praise from the organizers, the public and the other designers, but it was your support that impacted me the most.  I was humbled and surprised at how much my presence in the show house meant to so many people of color.  From St. Thomas, Jamaica to cities over the US and Europe the letters, phone calls and emails poured in. It was overwhelming. The kind words flooded my heart with joy and for that, I am eternally grateful. Thank you!

I was born to be a designer. I wanted to be a designer before I even knew what that was.  I have fond childhood memories of the beautiful colors of the island where I grew up as well as my teen years spent wondering up and down Madison Ave looking at furniture.  My mom thought I was crazy when I’d walk all the way from 23rd Street to Kips Bay. Or when I would walk all over Manhattan from Flat Iron to the Village to Alphabet city and all over the west side which is now the Chelsea area.  I didn’t know it them, but I was being pulled from within into the world that would eventually become my career and the center of my universe- interior design.


The two words I would use to describe my career as a designer would be passion and luxury.  I chose this image because this is the type of fierceness that resided in my head at all times. I am always thinking color, texture, beauty and richness.  My spaces come alive with my use of color and luxurious textiles.


Romo Fabrics

This image is from one of my favorite showrooms -Romo.  They really get me.  I can’t recall a home that I’ve completed that has not included something from Romo. In fact, I just completed the Cathedral show house and the Callanwolde show house here in Atlanta and they both featured Romo Fabrics.


For me, it’s about finding the richness in all things. I prefer hand-made to mass-produced.  I use Romo and other fine fabrics,  but I can find luxury anywhere. Over the years I’ve trained my eye, so now I can spot it anywhere.  I also surrounded myself with luxury in my everyday life as well.  My clothes, my shoes, and even my linens, are chosen to envelop me in luxury.  Some people confuse luxury with expense. That is not the case with me.  It’s about being able to spot that special thing that feels good to the touch and is pleasing to the eye.


I have a quote in my office that says, “I don’t want realism, I want Magic!”  I’ve found success by following my passion and becoming a designer.   But, I’ve found joy in the passion, by providing my clients with an environment that exceeds their expectations, delivers them to a place they didn’t know existed, and blankets them in layers and layers of luxury.

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