» A Lesson In Luxury: Hand Woven Rugs

A Lesson In Luxury: Hand Woven Rugs

A Lesson In Luxury: Hand Woven Rugs

A Dining Room by Palmer Design Group featuring a new over-dyed oushak rug a la Keivan Woven Arts

A few recent clients have probed this post on Understanding The Value of a Handwoven Rug– yes, the client that has 6 luxury cars, every designer shoe and handbag ever made, and let us not forget the 7,000 sqft home on Habersham!

**New Rule** you CANNOT have a machine made rug in your formal living room, no matter where you live! (it’s equivalent to wearing Old Navy flip flops with a Gucci gown- and ummm no, not anywhere, not ever)

Here are essential reference points when trying to understand the luxury and value (and price) of a hand-woven rug, verses Dhurries, hand-tufted, and machine made rugs:

  • Many hand woven designs, patterns, and motifs originate from centuries ago, created by nomadic tribes in Morocco, China, The Caucus Mountains, Persia, Khotan, Usak, and many other cities and regions- they hold cultural value and have been known to be passed down  as heirlooms and history lessons for several hundred years remaining in good condition.
  • The process to create and design hand woven rugs is one of the most complex and time-consuming methods still performed today. The colors are natural and plant based, each knot is tied by hand and these rugs can take more than 2 years to complete.
  • The higher the density and knot-count, the better the quality of the rug- and therefore the higher the price (finer Persian rugs can have upwards of 400 knots per sqft, giving a tight, plush look with lots of luster)
  • Longevity! Expect a minimum of 20 years from a high-quality, well-maintained hand woven rug. These are heirloom and legacy forms of art to keep in your families for centuries to come; if style and class are genetic you will have nothing to worry about, they will always be appreciated!
  • Any bit of shine or luminosity can probably be attributed to the addition of silk to the existing wool, and any of us with so much as a small silk scarf- know what that means in terms of price point!
  • Last but not least, HAND WOVEN RUGS JUST LOOK BETTER! If you are going to invest in your home design, go all the way as you do your wardrobe, it’s just as important and holds more value than any car or hand bag.

    Below are some of our favorite rugs from our favorite rug connoisseurs- Keivan Woven Arts and Moattar Ltd . Visit their Peachtree Hills Showrooms for your next luxurious hand woven rugs and custom options. Moattar Ltd also has a new fragrance line worthy of your attention!

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    Keivan Woven Arts Hand Woven Rugs

    blog post luxury rugs


    Moattar Ltd Hand Woven Rugs

    Comment below and tell us what you’re taking away from this Lesson in Luxury!

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