» 5 Tips For Creating a Stunning Tabletop

5 Tips For Creating a Stunning Tabletop

5 Tips For Creating a Stunning Tabletop

Top 5 Tips To Create A Stunning Tabletop

FLORALS FLORALS FLORALS! Your tabletop needs LIFE and fresh cut, plush, and vibrant flowers are the necessary tools needed to deliver. They could be freshly pulled from your home garden or even dried for a vintage feel. Group them together and pack them tightly, or place a single exotic such as a Bird-of-Paradise or Calla Lily in a bud vase! Our all-time favorites are Peonies- they’re the perfect color/texture combo and always steal the show
 Lighting- a striking chandelier or pendant is almost like a huge, really fabulous arrow pointing at your table arrangement saying “Look at That!” Lighting is a floating center piece that can set a tone of romance, panache, or pure fun throughout your dining space.
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Chic, unusual place mats or chargers bring texture to your table setting- we’re talking feathers, small stones such as pyrite, agate, metallic, leather, velvet, etc. to really give your table-setting a couture runway appeal.
Tapered Candles…the bolder the better! We’re really loving the embossed beehive, croc and patterned candles. Also, classic jewel tones like ruby, navy, black, emerald, and aubergine always make a statement!
Napkin Rings- you can never have too many! They do not have to match (but they do have to coordinate) and it’s great to see them mixed up. Also stick objects or take-away gifts that correlate with your dinner theme inside of them: colorful chopsticks for sushi,  cake pops, rock candy, piroulines, and any other attractive object that would bring, color, texture, and fabulousity to your table decor!
Here’s Some Inspiration We’re Using For An Upcoming Dining Room Project

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Dinner Plates and Chargers a la Owen Lawrence Atlanta , the only option for luxury dinnerware!


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